Tips for Having Fun While Traveling with Your Pet

The fall and winter holiday season is rapidly approaching. Are you prepared for all the events and cross-country family adventures right around the corner? Here at Fox Mazda, we know that many Grand Rapids drivers have pets, and pets quickly become an essential member of the family. It’s no surprise that you’re considering traveling with your pet to holiday destinations.

While travelling with your pet, ensure there is enough space in the car for carrying supplies. The supplies include balls, bones for the dog to chew during the journey, a favorite blanket, food, and other items that you might consider fit for your dog.

It’s also important to groom your pup and take him to the vet for a check up. You can also grab a copy of his health and vaccine records so that you’re prepared for the unexpected. Does your dog love popping its head out of the window during the trip? Well, a comfortable crate is the best solution. Always secure your dog in a crate, pet carrier, or safety seat to ensure his well-being.

Travelling with your dog should never be wearisome because Fox Mazda offers you an opportunity to drive comfortably by purchasing the right vehicle. Check out our new Mazda SUV models for extra space and cargo carrying ability this season!

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