Car Lease End Options

When it’s time to consider end-of-lease solutions, many Grand Rapids drivers are lost on what to do. The fear of the cost of damages after the inspection stresses people out, plus you may not have originally leased your vehicle from a dealership that fully explained your options. Our auto finance experts at Fox Mazda have prepared the following simplified guide on what to expect when returning the car.

  • You can return the car and walk away. This is after the typical car inspection and settling all the agreements of the leasing contract.
  • You can also upgrade by leasing another Mazda vehicle. It helps you to get another car which is better and will serve you better than the previous car.
  • We also offer our clients an opportunity to buyout the car. If the car has served you so well that you want to have the legal right to keep it permanently, our agents will help you on the due procedures.
  • You can also have an extension of the lease so that you hold to it for a while before making a decision.

Visit us at Fox Mazda in Grand Rapids, MI to learn more about car leasing.

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